Cold bodies are stiff.

Stiffness, due to low body temperature, causes pain. 

The only solution is to warm the body.

The power of recognition, activity, and proliferation, the three major parts of immunocyte, depend on maintaining a warm body temperature.  Low body temperature causes the functions of immunocyte to cease and brings about a lethargic condition(Ishihara, MD, 'The warm body saves your health')

“Give me the power to produce fever and I will cure all disease.”  

460 BC, Hippacrates  

Modern research indicates most, if not all, diseases come from reduced body temperature.  As terminal capillary vessels contract, overall blood circulation is hindered. Your immune system will deteriorate if your body temperature drops.


Dropping JUST 1 degree C, more than 3000 essential enzymes cannot perform their function for your body.  The BioMat emits FAR Infrared rays from amethyst which encourages your body to secrete HeatShock Prote or HSP, a protein that protects cells from heat and plays an important role in producing endorphins and enhancing your immune system.

The circulatory system is responsible for the delivery of oxygen-rich blood and the removal of waste.  Far infrared rays have been found to have a blood circulation enhancing effect in human skin and eventually induces an increase in temperature of the body tissues.



The picture on the right shows an increase in blood circulation after only 14 days of BIOMAT therapy.

The BIOMAT's deep heat raises the core body temperature, inducing an artificial and HEALTHY fever that stimulates your body’s natural mechanism to fight off disease without the pain of illness.  Nevertheless, there are situations in which Far Infrared Therapy is not apporpriate and should be given special consideration.  Please see the list of contraindications for further insight.

The BIOMAT is a thermoelectrotherapeutic 

device that generates heat via FAR Infrared Rays,

the SAFEST energy in the world!

The BioMat warms up your body and keeps it warm as the far infrared rays change your physical condition generating heat and

stimulating the mitochondria in your cells.