About Sandy & The Gift of Touch

Massage is a unique language your body intuitively listens, understands, and responds to.


Massage is important to the body and essential for physiological and psychological balance.  An intuitive massage therapist can easily spot imbalance and begin the process of self-correction, urging the body to let it go through various techniques, such as trigger point therapy.  Your body knows how to heal itself, but the stress of everyday life can impede this vital ability by weakening your immune system.  Massage counters this draining effect, boosting immune health and white blood cells. While most do not consider massage a necessity, it is far more than a mere luxury.  



Sandy Powell is a nationally certified massage therapist, NCMT, trained in many modalities, including Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, cranial sacral, myofascial​ release, access consciousness: the bars, and Reiki.  While each of these therapies are individually potent, Sandy draws from each one as needed for each unique individual client's needs.


Touch is a basic human necessity; considering that babies die within months of birth if denied constant physical contact, without feeling nurtured and cared for, children, adolescents, and even adults will experience severe physiological and psychological unrest.  ​



Muscles ache, babies cry, and children act out to achieve attention . . . these simple ​cues are what ensures our survival; this is no coincidence!​​

I have always been intuitive to the sensitive nature of the body's needs, which is why I know the gift of touch is so precious to our sense of being, and the reason I became a certified massage therapist. 


Massage is more than relieving muscle tension; it is allowing (being open to and receptive of) your body, mind, and soul the opportunity to experience absolute freedom . . . freedom from the adverse influence imposed by the self (e.g., in the form of pain, depression, addiction, etc) and others (e.g., through judgements, prejudice, and guilt).​

I approach EVERY client with a cause versus symptom mentality; this means I aim to balance physiological imbalance and offer LASTING relief from pain.

Remind yourself you deserve to be healthy and happy.  Book your massage today. 

“After only one session with Sandy, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my flexibility in martial arts training.  I am very excited to continue with more sessions.  I highly recommend The Gift of Touch.  My new found mobility is truly a gift.”  - Dennis Pattee, July 28, 2015