Energetic Massage by Sandy Powell, LCMT

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Holistic Health & Healing in Caldwell, Idaho

The BioMat is a medical-grade

FAR Infrared heating mat used in 

healing practices globally.

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Sandy has a new table.  This is not a small thing  . . . Sandy is profoundly skilled and worked absolute wonders with her old table.   I didn’t know a massage could possibly be better, but the new table opens her up to possibilities previously

unimagined.  Please book now,

before I take your spot!


-Ron Hitt, Nov 2015 


Gift of Touch Services

"Sandy really does have a gift when it comes to massage. I went way too long without a massage so there were plenty of resentful muscles to work on. Thanks to Sandy, I am finally starting to feel "normal" again. I highly recommend this very skilled and talented therapist!" -Satisfied Client


Contact Sandy Powell

T: 208.283.6070
E: sandy@gotmassage.org

A: 704 Blaine Street, Ste 3

    Caldwell, Idaho 83605

Typical Office Hours

M-F: 10A-6P

Sat: 9:30A-2:30P

Closed Wed & Sun​​

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“Exceptional massage!  More than relaxation.  Sandy really knows how to get to the root of the pain; I always leave feeling more connected to my body and relaxed overall.” 


– A.S., January 6, 2013


"Sandy is outstanding in every way.  Excellent treatment for an injury I have. 

She is very curious and knowledgeable."  

- Anonymous, August 22, 2015 

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